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Gelutaurs by Wesdaaman Gelutaurs by Wesdaaman
Gelutaurs, Gelutaurus imperiosus, are northern cousins of Minotaurs, yet these species are taller than a Minotaur (measuring 9-10 feet tall) and are more calmer than their foul-tempered southern cousins. They are unique to Falsarcticum.

Even though Gelutaurs are calmer than Minotaurs, they only turn fierce when they feel threatened (like so many other gentle Creatures). So for most of the time, they are generally docile. Even though it is primarily harmless, a Gelutaur of either gender could easily take down a full-grown male Minotaur.

They are nomadic hunter-gathers, traveling from one area to another in small herds to be safe. Their dense coats of fur, tough skin and thick bones help them withstand the frigid temperatures of winter. They have a patriarchal society, a male being chosen to be a herd's leader through duels with rival males. Once one of these males has won the duel for herd dominance, he is the official herd leader and will be ready to challenge any other males who oppose his authority. Females can fight with each other too, but only for where a pregnant mother wants to rear her young.

Like other Ape-Mimics (such as their Minotaur relatives), Gelutaurs are omnivorous, eating berries, grass, Arthropods and even the eggs of Birds and Frost Pythons (if they can manage to not get caught by the parents of those clutches of eggs).

Crystal Ponies often like to study Gelutaurs and even attempt to learn their language to befriend them.

In recent times, with the second defeat of King Sombra, the Panthequine (defeated by the unified power of the 8 represenatives of the EOH, Shining Armor and Mi Amore Cadenza), the homeless and lonesome Minotaur, Iron Will has ended up stuck in Falsarcticum, where he seeks if there are any new Goats to keep him company again. He accidently ran into a herd of Gelutaurs, tried to train them to be aggressive at all times, and ticked off the leader of this herd. This herd leader, identifying Iron Will as a "Woohungi" (meaning "blue runt" in the Gelutaur language), became very upset, believing that the Minotaur was trying to take over his command, and attacked him. Iron Will tried to fight back, but this polar cousin of his took him down easy and ordered the homeless and lonely Minotaur to return to Equestria and never come back near his herd nor near Falsarcticum ever again.

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